Man On The Moon – Robert Bigelow

robert bigelow steven liguoriEverything is connected, including Steven and aerospace/hotel entrepreneur, Robert Bigelow.

Robert grew up in Las Vegas and had his interest in science peaked when he was just a boy; witnessing atomic bomb tests from a distance in Nevada (Miss Atomic Bomb).

In 2008, Robert commissioned Steven to create a portrait that captured his inspiration for all things interstellar and “The Man on the Moon” was born.

robert bigelow man on the moon steven liguoriSitting atop a marble base, the bronze statue depicts Robert’s portrait gleaming from the moon’s surface. Complete with a silver spaceship orbiting overhead, the statue captures a whimsical take on Robert’s very real accomplishments.

Order of the Garter – A Piece for the British Royal Family

Order of the Garter for the Royal Family“The Order of the Garter is the most senior and the oldest British Order of Chivalry and was founded by Edward III in 1348.

The Order, consisting of the King and twenty-five knights, honours those who have held public office, who have contributed in a particular way to national life or who have served the Sovereign personally.” (The Official Website of the British Monarchy)

Each knight of the garter is ordained with a customized piece (like the one commissioned by the Sovereign from Steven), to display the favor shown upon the knight.

It is considered among the highest honors to be chosen by the Sovereign to bear this crest and it was a higher honor still for Steven to create one of these exclusive pieces.

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Sculpture Honors Early Film Star

Irene M Dubb MemorialThe city of Las Vegas will dedicate the sculpture “Film Stars of Early Years” at Huntridge Circle Park on Saturday, February 18. The sculpture, by local resident Steven Liguori, pays tribute to Irene M. Dubb, a famous Hollywood film star who often made special appearances at the old historic Huntridge Theatre.

Made possible by a grant from the Centennial Committee, the sculpture pays tribute to the era of great movies, film star Dunn and the contributions her family made to the community. Dunn’s husband, Dr. Francis D. Griffin, donated the land for the Huntridge Circle Park to the city in 1942 and also helped develop the entire area adjacent to the Huntridge subdivision.

The sculpture is Liguori’s fourth to be showcased in southern Nevada. He created the “High Scaler” monument at Hoover Dam, the Veterans Memorial monument in Boulder City and “Breaking Ground” at Mary Dutton Park. Liguori was born and raised in Las Vegas and is a resident of the Historic John S. Park Neighborhood.

Huntridge Circle Park is located in Ward 3 at North Maryland Parkway and Franklin Avenue.


When the Hoover Dam was built, this worker had the dirtiest job…

la-la-na-boulder-city-alabam-02-jpg-20140525No one can remember his name, he was simply known as ‘Alabam’ but he undoubtably had the dirtiest job in the Hoover Dam’s history.

These days he is affectionately referred to as a sanitation engineer but the reality was so much less pleasant. Even in 120 degree weather, ‘Alabam’ would climb into the even hotter tin latrines and keep things up to par.

“One hundred years from now, people won’t remember these figures,” he said. “We need to capture them now and record their contributions.” said Steven.

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Sculpture Honors Early Film Star

The city of Las Vegas will dedicate the sculpture “Film Stars of Early Years” at Huntridge Circle Park on Saturday, February 18. The sculpture, by local resident Steven Liguori, pays tribute to Irene M. Dubb, a famous Hollywood film star who often made special appearances at the old historic Huntridge Theatre. [Read more…]

Fun On The Fourth

Local artist Steven Liguori will create a sand sculpture during the event. Children are invited to bring pails and shovels to create their own sand art. Live entertainment will include trombonist Walt Boenig, the Henderson Symphony Orchestra, saxophonist Paul Taylor and country entertainer Randy Anderson.

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Iconic Miss Atomic Bomb Photo Recreated

Original Miss Atomic Bomb (Lee Merlin)

Original Miss Atomic Bomb (Lee Merlin)

To commemorate one of the most iconic Las Vegas images; Miss Atomic Bomb, the famous beauty, Holly Madison, was kind enough to recreate the original image and she dawned the mushroom cloud body suit with pride.


Our very own Steven Liguori was commissioned to recreate the piece in more solid form.
The story Lee Merlin a.k.a. Miss Atomic Bomb

Her image has come to symbolize the bizarre love affair Las Vegas had with the Bomb in the 1950s. The famous photograph of the smiling model in a mushroom cloud bathing suit with her arms outstretched to the sky remains a powerful reminder of how sex appeal and atomic energy were once inseparable Cold War ingredients.

Whatever happened to Miss Atomic Bomb?

That is a question Robert Friedrichs of the National Nuclear Security Administration has been working on for the last couple of years (in his spare time). Mr. Friedrichs’ dedicated sleuthing has generated some impressive leads including the likely name of his subject (Lee Merlin). CONELRAD’s Missing Persons Bureau has volunteered to help Mr. Friedrichs spread the word of his quest. So without further delay, here are all of the known facts about Miss Atomic Bomb:

•Her name is almost certainly Lee Merlin and if she is still living she is in her early seventies.

• A woman resembling Miss Atomic Bomb and identified as Lee Merlin appears in a Long Beach Press-Telegram photograph in the newspaper’s July 25, 1953 edition. In the photograph Merlin stands between Long Beach, CA Mayor Lyman B. Sutter and Jack Arnold of the Long Beach Culinary Workers union. The article concerns the mayor’s proclamation of “City of Hope Week”

• Merlin came to Las Vegas in late 1953 or early 1954.

• Her first job was at the Desert Inn Hotel.

• She worked as a Copa Girl at the Sands Hotel (now the Venetian Hotel and Casino) from 1954 to the summer or early fall of 1957.

• She lived with one of her co-workers at the Bali Hai Apartments on Desert Inn Road for most of her time in Las Vegas.

• One of her fellow dancers, Carolyn MacMullen, recalls Merlin as “very bookish” with a “dry” sense of humor.

• Photographer Don English was assigned by the Las Vegas News Bureau to take a picture outside the Sands Hotel in connection with an above ground atomic test. By 1957 the repetition of the tests had inspired English to become creative in his photography on this theme. He and his colleagues designed the striking mushroom cloud that adorns the bathing suit worn by Merlin. It was constructed of cotton wadding glued to cardboard.

• Don English did not photograph Merlin at the exact time of the detonation. Also, the landscape behind Merlin demonstrates that the picture was taken facing east, away from the test site.

• Contrary to oft-repeated claims, there was no beauty contest preceding the photograph and the title “Miss Atomic Blast” that is sometimes associated with the picture is incorrect.

Holly Madison as Miss Atomic Bomb

Holly Madison as Miss Atomic Bomb

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